TergoPower is a leading Scandinavian investor in the renewable energy sector, which in the European Union sees development opportunities for projects based on low-emission technologies that meet the EU energy standards.

The company strategy intends to introduce to the European countries market a proven, modern, Scandinavian know-how, eco-technologies, and long-term ploughed capital.

On the Polish market, TergoPower focuses on the construction of state-of-the-art, low-emission, straw-fired power plants and CHPs.

The company wants to become Poland’s long-term partner in the field of changing the fuel structure and implementing projects related to green energy. Investments in green power plants will support Poland’s ecological ambitions and climate commitments towards the European Union.

The founder and shareholder of the company is the Norwegian entrepreneur Einar Otto Vangsnes.

In its operations and in relations with stakeholders, TergoPower applies the highest ethical standards and principles of sustainable development.

In planning new investments, TergoPower takes into account the benefits of:

  • Residents, for whom it creates new jobs and indirectly pays taxes that can be used for the development of local communities,
  • Farmers, for whom it creates a market and provides security of their deliveries reception,
  • Business, which needs energy from low-emission sources for its activity,
  • Local authorities, for whom the interests of all the abovementioned entities are important,
  • The country, which gradually needs to replace coal-based energy with energy from renewable sources.

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