Plans and financing

TergoPower’s strategy involves launching proven, modern Scandinavian know-how, eco-technology and long-term capital onto other European markets. TergoPower sees development opportunities in the European Union countries of projects based on low-emission technologies compliant with the European Union’s energy standards.

On the Polish market, TergoPower focuses on the construction of state-of-the-art low-emission straw-fired power plants (from 25 to 50 MW) and CHPs using the same fuel.

The company wants to become Poland’s long-term partner in the field of changing the fuel structure and implementing projects related to green energy. Investments in biomass power plants will support Poland’s ecological ambitions and climate commitments towards the European Union.

TergoPower’s priority is building long-term partner relationships with local authorities and enterprises in order to jointly support the development of Polish renewable energy sector, as well as providing companies and residents with clean electricity and heat.

TergoPower has a clear strategy for partnering with both leading technology suppliers and EPC contractors, as well as local contractors and fuel suppliers.

By the end of 2020, TergoPower is planning to have 5 targeted projects in its portfolio. Each project implemented in Poland is an investment of c. PLN 700,000,000.   

From the beginning of its activity, TergoPower has been building relationships with renowned financial institutions, including pension funds from Scandinavia, which in their strategy have included investments in RES. Poland is a promising market for this type of investments (in the context of energy policy) and therefore they involve resources to provide their own contribution.

At the same time, the professional experience of the company management and executive team as well as the methodology of investment preparation based on international standards provide access to financing offered by banking institutions, which give up their support for coal-based energy and are willing to involve resources in supporting well-prepared RES projects.