We care about the environment

The growing demand for energy and the effects of climate change mean there is a great need for the development of renewable solutions for carbon-neutral energy production. TergoPower is a leading developer of renewable energy facilities that generate both “green” electricity and heat.

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Did you know that...

... ash produced as a result of burning straw can be used as a mineral rich fertilizer in agriculture.

Tergopower straw

TergoPower specializes in developing straw-fired combined heat and power (CHP) facilities, with electrical outputs of up to 50 MWe, as well as small-scale (1-2 MWe) biogas plants in Poland.

A 50MWe CHP facility is capable of fully supplying heat and electricity from renewable sources to a city with 100,000 inhabitants.

We develop our facilities in proximity to such cities, in regions withsignificant agricultural production and surplus crop residues, allowing us to limit transportation of feedstock while supporting local farmers and agriculture. This way we both create and sustain local jobs while mitigating the impact of climate change at the same time.

We use proven technologies....

...widely used in the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands, USA, and Canada making TergoPower a pioneer and market leader in the development of such projects in Poland. We offer the best technologies available on the market and cooperate with leading suppliers in the field of fuel supply, transport and logistics, preparation and implementation of investments as well as facility construction and operations. We have a strong emphasis on partnering with local companies and resources across all stages of our investments.

Did you know that...

...in the Nordic countries since 1989, the symbol of a swan has been labeled on products produced in a sustainable way, beneficial for the environment. The symbol of purity and beauty.

Team members

The TergoPower team members have worked, among others, for entities such as Alstom, EDF (the world’s largest producer of electricity), Dalkia, Gamesa, Vattenfall (the largest energy producer in Scandinavia), Siemens, Statkraft (the largest Norwegian electricity producer), Shell, and Statoil. The team’s experience also includes construction or modernization of renewable energy installations in Toruń, Poznań, Elcho Chorzów, Warsaw CHPs (currently PGNiG Termika), or in the construction of wind farms, solar (photovoltaic) farms, and investments in biogas plants. TergoPower’s team along with their strategic partners have significant experience in the design and development of renewable energy projects with a combined installed capacity of more than 500 MWe across more than 70 installations.