work_greenTergoPower held a press conference in Lublin the 22nd of September to inform about the Lublin Renewable Energy Plant.  TergoPower’s Chairman, Mr. Jörgen Andersson welcomed everyone and spoke in general about TergoPower’s intensions and plans for renewable energy development in Poland.

Guest speakers who expressed full support for TergoPower’s investment were:

  • Karsten Klepsvik, Norwegian Ambassador
  • Inga Eriksson Fogh, Swedish Ambassador
  • Ole Egeberg Mikkelsen, Danish Ambassador
  • Krzysztof Hetman, member of the European Parliament, and former Marshal of the Lublin province

The Lublin Renewable Energy Plant is highly beneficial for the local economy; increases farmers’ profit, creates up to 300 jobs during construction, and will support more than 80 local jobs, including 30 on-site operatives and 50+ in fuel supply.

The plant will generate 49.9 MW of renewable energy based on well-proven technology, and will eliminate 200,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum, helping Poland achieve the renewable energy target and strengthen the nation’s energy security.