When planning the implementation of straw-fired power plant in the municipality of Święciechowa (Leszno district), TergoPower decided to show to representatives of the local community a similar installation in Great Britain. During a one-day trip to Snetterton – a small town located some 150 km from London, participated councillors of Leszno and Święciechowa, representatives of farmers interested in straw deliveries, representatives of business and local media.

The guests had the opportunity to visit the power plant that had been operating for over a year, talk to its managers and employees, ask about fuel transport issues, working conditions, or the environmental impact of the facility.

An important point of the visit was meeting with the representatives of Breckland municipality, where Snetterton is located, who talked both about residents’ concerns prior to the construction of the power plant, and the benefits that the residents have noticed since its commissioning.