Proven environmentally sound technology solutions

The power plant, with its proven environmentally sound technology solutions, will be an exemplar power station that can help set the benchmark for future power station design in Poland.

The prime objective of the layout is to ensure an optimal functioning plant. This is achieved by providing short and direct access for materials and personnel allowing for ease of operation and maintenance. The majority of equipment is contained indoors giving protection from weather, reducing heat losses and enabling a neat plant design.

  1. Auxiliary cooler
  2. Air cooled condenser
  3. Boiler, turbine and offices
  4. Woodchip store
  5. Straw barn
High pressure, high temperature systems

Our clean energy solutions are founded upon advanced high temperature, high pressure technology, designed to consume different types of agricultural and forestry by-products. The increased steam parameters in high pressure, high temperature systems accelerate the steam flow and allow for notable improvements for the electrical efficiency capability of the plant.

Stable power output with mixed fuel

Operating a biomass power plant recognizes the importance of achieving a stable power output in spite of fluctuations in the fuel supply. Our power plant is designed to handle multiple fuels, both straw biomass and woody, and thereby offer greater flexibility and lower dependence on a single fuel source.

The modules are assembled and tailored according to fuel mix (straw & wood chips):

Typical TergoPower project consists mainly of:

  1. Fuel reception and storage barn
  2. Fuel transport and feed system
  3. Steam boiler
  4. Flue gas filter and stack
  5. Turbine
  6. Generator
  7. Condensate system
  8. Feed water system
  9. Electrical supply and export system
  10. Optional wood chip fuel system