Thanks to the use of biomass fuel and proven state-of-the-art flue gas treatment systems, during the operation of the plant there are no exceedances of permissible emission quantities and maximum concentrations of substances emitted into the air as defined in the EU and national regulations.

It is worth emphasizing that the amounts of emitted substances are well below the permissible standards – not even approaching the maximum permissible values. The new power plant will have to meet far stricter standards for emissions to the atmosphere than the currently operating power systems.

The investment does not exceed the permissible noise levels – both at the construction stage and during its operation. The assumed distance from the built-up areas and the ones intended for development excludes any possibility of any excess in the acoustic standards in the above-mentioned areas.

In the process of fuel combustion, two types of ash are formed: volatile and bottom. Fly ashes, after being captured by dust extraction systems in the form of highly efficient filters, are stored in sealed siloses, and then loaded through sealed sleeves to tank trucks and collected by specialized, authorized companies. Meanwhile the bottom ashes, after obtaining appropriate approvals preceded by tests by certified scientific centers, can be a valuable fertilizer for agriculture – as is the case in other countries where similar facilities operate.

Fuel warehouses operate in a closed system and are equipped with a tight filtration system of air discharged into the atmosphere. This prevents the phenomenon of dusting, stagnation of straw and wood chips drift, and even spread of straw or wood smell around the object.

For investments prepared for Poland, the lack of environmental hazards for the environment as well as health and life of people, has been confirmed by positive opinions and agreements of Environmental Impact Reports received from relevant Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection, State Poviat Sanitary Inspectors and Starosts.