TergoPower’s activity in Poland from the beginning has been based on the experience and competence of Polish and Scandinavian managers and engineers having many years of experience in the preparation and implementation of investments such as power plants and CHPs (including RES), as well as production management of similar facilities in Poland and abroad.

The TergoPower team participated in the design and construction on the European market of power plants with a total net power exceeding 500 MW. It has completed over 70 investments related to renewable energy, in which many different technologies and project configurations were used for CHPs and raw material supply systems.

The TergoPower team members have worked, among others, for entities such as Alstom, EDF (the world’s largest producer of electricity), Dalkia, Gamesa, Vattefall (the largest energy producer in Scandinavia), Siemens, Statkraft (the largest Norwegian electricity producer), Shell, or Statoil. Their experience includes participation in construction or modernization of such CHPs as Toruń, Poznań, Elcho Chorzów, Warsaw CHPs (currently PGNiG Termika), or in the construction of wind farms, photovoltaic farms, and investments in biogas plants.

The management of the TergoPower Group held key managerial positions at the Vattenfall AB and Statkraft AS, actively participating in, inter alia, the privatization of Polish energy companies, including the Warsaw CHPs and Górnośląski Zakład Energetyczny [Upper Silesian Power Company].

The TergoPower team has an extensive knowledge of the best solutions available in its class. The company has a clear strategy of partnership networking with leading technology providers and contractors for EPC contracts under each project.

TergoPower operates in headquarters in Norway, Sweden, and Poland.