About TergoPower

TergoPower is a Norwegian investor in the renewable energy sector with the largest offer of low-emission, straw-fuelled power plant and CHP projects on the Polish market.

The company was founded on the initiative of experienced, successful investors and managers from Scandinavia. It is led by the former Swedish energy minister and former president, general manager and financial director of Vattenfall AB, the largest Swedish and one of the largest European energy companies.

The TergoPower management team in Poland is the largest regional development team with reliable experience in design, construction and management of renewable energy projects.

TergoPower offers the best technologies available on the market and cooperates with leading suppliers in the field of fuel supply, transport and logistics, preparation and implementation of investments, and plant operation.

Co-investors and financial partners of TergoPower are leading Scandinavian pension funds, infrastructure funds, and banks with very sturdy equity ratio.

The company was created by Einar O. Vangsnes, a Norwegian entrepreneur and currently one of the company shareholders.

TergoPower is a partner of Green Business Norway, an industry organization of the Norwegian renewable energy sector, which aims to create and promote modern solutions in the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies.