About TergoPower

TergoPower is one of the leading Scandinavian renewable energy sector investors in Poland. Our team has been involved in the design and construction of power plants in Europe with an aggregate net power output exceeding 500 MW. As a result of the involvement in over 70 renewable energy projects, where a number of different technologies and design configurations for power plants and feedstock logistics systems have been implemented, TergoPower – as a project manager and developer – possesses significant knowledge about the best of breed solutions.

TergoPower AS is owned by a group of 80 individual and institutional Scandinavian investors, focused on eco-energy sector growth. The company was founded by Einar O. Vangsnes, a Norwegian serial entrepreneur and one of company’s shareholders.

We are a partner of Green Business Norway, a Norwegian renewable energy sector organization dedicated to developing and promoting state-of-the-art solutions in the environmental energy and technology.