Social & environmental responsibility

TergoPower recognises its social responsibility and identifies interested parties and involvement with them as the basis of its social responsibility strategy. This recognition includes key issues such as human rights and labour practices as well as the relationship with the community, consumer affairs, fair operating practices and the environment.

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Did you know that...

…a straw-fired CHP facility generating 50 megawatts produces enough green electricity to supply +100 000 inhabitants.

Social commitment

TergoPower is committed to maintaining a close relationship with the communities and local stakeholders in the regions in which it operates, establishing a regular, open and frank dialogue, seeking to know their needs, respecting their cultural integrity, and looking to contribute to the improvement in quality of life for the local population.

The development, construction and operation of modern straw-fired CHP facilities in Poland using best available technologies, implies job creation not only in the production of electricity, but also in transport, logistics and agricultural services:

Up to

300 jobs

including employment of local subcontractors for the construction of the renewable energy installation.

60 - 100 jobs

...related to straw supply chain (transport and logistics: drivers, mechanics, logistics operators, accountants etc.).

Up to

35 jobs

for operation and ongoing service.

+ 50 - 80

seasonal jobs

as part of the straw harvesting process, in rural areas within a 100 km radius of the installation.

“If we do not change course by 2020, we risk missing the point where we can avoid runaway climate change, with disastrous consequences for people and all the natural systems that sustain us.”

António Guterres (Secretary-General UN)

Agricultural Fuel

The correct use of equipment can avoid unnecessary waste of resources and raw materials. In order to promote better energy use and more efficient consumption, TergoPower is committed to developing carbon neutral, energy efficiency projects using the best available technologies in Poland.

Air Quality

We recognise that clean air is as essential as energy. For TergoPower, strict compliance with all air-related regulations is a minimum requirement, and we strive to further minimize the impact we have on air quality.


TergoPower respects the earth's natural resources and works hard to minimize any negative local environmental impact.


Our CHP facilities do not exceed the permissible noise levels either at the construction stage or during normal operating.

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Young people are used to being told they must listen to the older generations, but now is the time for the older generations to listen to them.

They say urgency is the only way to reverse our harmful treatment of the planet. They say talk is cheap and action is key. Long after today’s leaders are gone, they will be left to clean up the mess. Our job is do give them the best possible chance.

Did you know that...

... environmental protection regulations are so restrictive that air and water leaving the power plant can even be cleaner than air and water used for energy production.

Financial commitment

At TergoPower we belive that is possible to both offer strong shareholder value return while also being a major contributor in relation to both social and environmental responsibility. Innovation and human worth are ideas that are fundamental in guiding us forward as we seek to unite our own efforts with the local community and farmers to reach common goals.