Sustainable fuel supply-chain

Biomass is an important source for renewable energy, enabling the achievement of long-term European Union objectives in the field of decarbonization.

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… one oak tree for 100 years of its vegetation absorbs the amount of CO2 that is released when producing 1 MWe of electricity.

In the context of energy biomass, this term is often used to describe substances of plant origin, yet the term “biomass” may refer to both animal and vegetable substances.

Biomass can be harvested as part of the crop reproduction process and in relation to the cultivation of land, forest and orchard management, forest logging or planting programs.

It is expected that energy obtained from biomass will account for more than half of the 20% share of energy from renewable sources, which has been designated for implementation by 2020 by the European Union.

According to forecasts for 2030 – 2050, biomass will still play an important role in the future. Lands used for conventional crops (rapeseed, wheat, corn, etc.) can at the same time be a source of natural renewable fuel – such as straw – without generating a negative impact on the ecosystem.

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Biomass in Poland is a widely available, renewable fuel which has large potential for development due to surplus straw, a by-product of the developed agricultural industry.

In Poland, where about 60% of all land is agricultural land of which 40% is arable land (almost 14 million hectares), biomass supply is high and its safe combustion in power plants should be a natural way of using such surplus in the country. The surplus straw available for energy purposes in Poland is at least 10,000,000 tons per year. The availability of straw increases year by year as it is more and more often replaced with other materials or consistently limited, both in agriculture and agricultural production. Voivodships and regions with natural straw surpluses of at least half a million tons per year have attracted TergoPower’s attention as excellent locations for our energy projects.